As Many Of You School Administrators Know, Technology Impacts

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As many of you school administrators know, technology impacts the lives of all persons, parents, educators, students, and others. Technology has a strong influence of students, from prekindergarten to the final year of secondary education and even beyond. With the enhancement of technology’s role in the school system, the idea of moral compass has been questioned (Herrington & Emmans, 2002). Several schools over the world are incorporating character education courses whether they are weekly or in daily routine activities which is impressive (Herrington & Emmans, 2002). I would like to propose a program where the utilization of smartphones and mobile technology are inside of the classroom.
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While working at a public charter school in North Carolina, smart boards, LCD monitors, and Apple iPads are assigned to each classroom, from kindergarten to ninth-grade (each year, the school adds another grade). Initially, it was odd to me and I verbally expressed my concern to other faculty members and administrators. After watching the interactions between the students and the media devices, devices only containing educational value, I saw the need for media literacy in a school environment. As educators, it’s our job to “nurture students’ civic [and other types of] character” development (Seider, 2012).
Integrating smartphones and mobile technology in the classroom could create a deeper bond between teachers and students. For example, interactive games on a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or a similar device has the potential to teach both groups, students and teachers. The interactive games could teach students different fragments of the curriculum and could teach educators how to operate technology in a swifter way without frustration (Gutierrez, 2012). Reaching out to the youth in multiple ways, such as media connections, establishing a bond, and encouraging each positive step they make, is necessary for the proper development of generations of today and future generations (Seider, 2012). Just as the distribution of “equal weight” to moral, performance, and civic character, the incorporation of a media literacy course in the classroom, no

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