As Money Seems To Be The Central Mean In The Positive And

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As money seems to be the central mean in the positive and the negative aspects of life, it is no doubt that money can be a barrier in becoming the person one sets out to be. This lecture presented to the class will begin talking about the unexpected expenses that life has to offer, before moving on to the basic necessities that each and every human being need to survive. The lecture will than go on to talking about individuals who struggle financially throughout life who than begin to realize it is time to start making arrangements for retirement, when the body cannot meet the demands of work no longer. After addressing these three main financial mishaps. The lecture will than go on to talk about what happen when money begins to become…show more content…
When a limited amount of money causes individuals or couples to not be able to meet the necessities of life, or causes the individual to experience high levels of stress due to unexpected expenses, health and relationships begin to suffer. When finances are the main concern, it becomes a leading cause of health problems. When high, consistent levels of stress are present; anxiety and depression begin to become byproducts. Each condition makes it hard to focus at work, spend time with loved ones and keep up with financial duties that tend to correspond to toxic relationships. When financial stress begins to take a toll on relationships it begins to causes a lack of trust between partners causing individuals to hide or lie about transactions. When trust is not present within a relationship it causes partners to become hostile, irritable and uncommunicative that than leads to fingers being pointed as to whom the problem is for the financial downfall. Financial arguments between couple are not always about money itself but could be because of deeper issues such as control and self esteem that causes individuals to blame others for mishaps. This lecture is spoken through a biological and psychological lens that explains how the mind and body react separately to high stress that is a cause of unstable finance.
“Financial stress and its physical effects on individuals and communities” Choi, Laura.
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