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Every two years, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) has become more pronounced. This is due to the modern world being more familiarized with ASD, and the extensive research being conducted into it. However, with the familiarization of ASD, parents and educators have become more concerned with the future of their children. Parents, as well as many others, have come to believe that ASD has sparked a negative impact on individuals such as their success. However, children who have ASD do not have a lower chance at becoming successful because ASD does not directly affect their knowledge, and famous autistic people have proven to be successful. Accordingly, ASD was not introduced until the early 1900s. Even then, ASD was not considered as an …show more content…

This shows that behavioral development must do more with the individual’s instinct rather than their intelligence. Morin also stated autistic individuals have “trouble recognizing other people’s feelings…” This has to do more with learning developments rather than their intellect. This is in virtue of autistic people’s minds being different than normal peoples. They tend to take emotions more serious and literal. Whereas, normal people are more aware and analytical with emotions. Moreover, according to CDC (Center for Disease Control), autistic people “have different ways of learning, paying attention, and reacting to things.” Since autistic individuals have differently built minds, the way they do tasks will obviously be different as well. When learning, the majority of the population are book learners. However, for the autistic community, they are mostly visual learners. As for paying attention, people with autism require more hands on and engaging teaching. In that way, their focus will not be derailed. When it comes to their reaction towards specific noises, they either end up getting distracted, intrigued, or irritated. That is because they have sensitive hearing, and it will cause them to act out. Although, their way of comprehending things is different than the vast majority of others, it does not deduce them to being intellectually different.

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