Ashes Short Story Analysis

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Ashes takes the money!
“I lifted its lid and stared at her emergency money.” ( Pfeffer, 4) Ashes has divorced parents that think very different ways. Ashes thinks like both her parents, but more like her dad. On a Tuesday with her dad she is asked to take $200 from her mom so her dad can use it to get out of a situation he got into. Ashley took her mom’s money, because her dad said he would pay her back before her mom found out, she understands why her dad needs the money, and Ashley felt pressure to take the $200.

Ashleys trusts her dad will get the money back soon, for this reason Ashes takes the money. “I’d be borrowing the money from you. And i swear to you, Ashes, I’d have the money in your hands by Friday at the latest.” (Pfeffer, 4) Ashley favors her dad for many reasons. In the story it says that everytime she sees her dad that it gets warmer than the day before, which is when she didn’t see her dad. Her dad has let her down like forgetting to pick her up from school, or when he dosen’t have the money for a school fieldtrip. But Ashes always forgives and trusts he will do better. One time Ashe’s dad her a rose and sang to her for her forgiveness. He also still uses the nickname “Ashes” even though her mom thought that he called her that, because she didn’t like it. Ashe’s dad always makes her feel special, which is why she trusts he will pay it back before the end of the week.
Consequently Ashes also understands why her dad needs the $200. “But i’ve got to tell

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