Asian Americans And African Americans

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By the time of a century ago, Asian America has been considered lazy and stupid. So “model minority” were described Asian Americans as a hard-working, Well-educated, successfully minority race. But otherwise it’s not the truly idea to believe in positive model minority because sometimes it’s also negative. It’s happened to most of Asian Americans and they realized that, at the start point it’s been 100 percent positive, but when you go along, then it will turn to be negative and sometime it’s hurting you. Even know that the result of the American based on an untruth of a model minority, the truth is telling a different story. Consequently Asian Americans are twice as likely to be poor as non-Hispanic whites. They also have an incapacity of reading and writing rate that is five times over those non-Hispanic. So that, how could they say that Asian Americans are hard-working, Well-educated, successfully minority race by looking at this situation. It’s a stereotyping that hurting people by looking down on the background, but exactly they don’t. However, the half-truth of the model minority has not entirely gone off the mark. By the estimate of the bureau data “Facts for Features: Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month: May 2014”, there is some truth of thinking that American is better educated and more successful. For example, The percentage of Native Hawaiians and Other Pacific Islanders alone age 25-and-older who had at least a high school diploma in 2012. This

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