Asian Community in Modern Day Media

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Did you ever really notice how Asians are really been portrayed within modern day media? As a fellow Asian-American. I have noticed that the media displays the Asian community in only one way, the foreign genius who excels everything, like kung-fu and math. You never really ever get to see a main character, who is a independent, courageous Asian "that doesn't know kung-fu", in any movie or TV shows. Many actors in modern day media prove these stereotypes to be true such as; beloved actor Ken Jeong, Jackie Chan, James Hong, Lucy Liu, and John Cho. First off, to help prove my point is ,America's favorite comedic actor, Ken Jeong. You never see Ken Jeong ever play as a main character of any movie. Ken Jeong usually plays as the random minor roll foriegn asian guy who is there to make people laugh. Think about it, in The Hangover Ken plays a foreign asian mobster, in Community Ken plays a know it all Korean spanish teacher, even in Knocked up he stereotypes "the Asian job" as a doctor that got there because he is Asian. Ken is only the first person amongst the multiple examples. Secondly, Jackie Chan is another actor in which they only play a stereotyped Asian. Sure Jackie Chan play as the main character in a lot of movies, but is stereotyped a lot. In many of his movies he has a particular Asian accent and knows kung-fu that is mocked a lot. In movies like; Rush Hour Jackie Chan plays a cop who somehow knows kung-fu and every time he says Carter it sounds like he says
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