Asian Steppe Research Paper

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The Mongols were a very controversial group of people who caused carnage and destruction for the greater good of peace. Genghis Khan was a very honorable leader who created the Mongolians immense peace. Were the Mongols barbaric though? The Mongolians of the Asian Steppe had a positive impact on the world during their rule of the Asian continent from 1206 to 1368 by influencing trade, religious tolerance , and Pax Mongolica.
The first sign of World History comes from the Mongolians who were able to influence trade from the Mediterranean to China. Under Pax Mongolica trade boomed. The trade allowed the Mongols to flourish. According to Section 12.3 pg 336, “Traders transported Chinese silk and porcelain , which were greatly valued in Europe and western Asia, over the Silk Road and other routes. These traders also carried with them such Chinese products and inventions as printing, gunpowder, the compass, paper currency, and playing cards.” Genghis Khan uniting China under one sword legitimately allowed China and others to boom in trade. Today the spread of these inventions have greatly affected the way we live our day to day lives with such things like the toothbrush, paper money, and gunpowder. The inventions being spread like also changed our naval …show more content…

During Mongolica or also known as peace enforced by the Mongol empire ideas and spread throughout China and to the Mediterranean. According to section 12.2 page 333,” The Mongols guaranteed safe passage for trade caravans,travelers, and missionaries from one end of the empire to another.” Through this area of safe travel through trade routes like the silk road, ideas were able to be spread. A great cultural expansion also happened through Pax Mongolica from different parts of the world sharing different views and thoughts with one another. Without the barbaric fighting styles of the Mongols, some very important inventions may have never been

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