Asian Values: The People's Republic of China

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When the PRC’s human rights abuses over passed the forefront of international concern in the 1989’s Tiananmen Square protest, it became certainly a boiling matter concerning and both political manipulation and genuine human rights activism. Moreover, one of the main related issues was and still is the repression of free speech right, religion decision, discrimination abolition as well as torture or slavery, and other main political rights. Yet, the PRC has consistently justified its position by attacking the basic rights formulated in the Universal Declaration, specifically violating civil and political rights.

There is one important document summarizing the values of PRC political model against Western one: the PRC’s 1991 White Paper. Namely, the White Paper specifically proposed that “the right to subsistence is the most important above of all human rights, without neglecting or leaving the other rights out of the question. Nonetheless, Ungor describes China as place in where everything changes in line with its tradition in order to keep a sustainable balance within the society.
Above all, in order to justify and reassert the inhibition of one’s political and individual rights, the PRC stated the right of subsistence and the right of national independence, as a way to protect the state’s interest or the collective’s existence and thingness. That is why; they avouched that human rights standards happened to differ according to economic, historical, and cultural

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