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Prior to completing Skip Downing’s “On Course Self Assessment,” I was starting to realize one of my most sabotaging behaviors. I find it incredibly difficult to say a three-word phrase. When it comes to assisting others, I have no problem lending a helping hand, but I cannot tell anyone that “I need help.” In writing this paper I hope to recognize the roots of my problem and adopt a plan to aid me in overcoming this negative behavior. After I took the self-assessment and received a low score in the area of interdependence, I began considering options for overcoming my hesitation so that I may become a successful student. The first strategy is to learn that I cannot do everything by myself. Typically, I never ask for …show more content…

We cannot know everything, and we can all benefit from mutual helping relationships. I may need someone to explain something discussed in Psychology class today and that person may need the favor returned for English. Working together and helping others is important in almost every area of life. I do not need to feel ashamed for reaching out first. As a result of doing the assessment, I realized that I seldom request and often reject offers of assistance. A successful student would employ interdependence by actively seeking out mutually supportive relationships to help achieve their goals and dreams, while doing the same for others in return. I chose this topic because I do not want to be a struggling student! Interdependence is a key factor in being successful in college. In order to obtain a degree a college student must do well in all areas of their studies. To accomplish that, he or she must comprehend the subject matter taught and apply what they learn. If a student does not understand something and refuses to ask for help when it is readily available, they are only hurting themselves. Three little words can make all the difference. By asking someone who is more knowledgeable than they may be in a certain area, they could find the missing pieces that lead to total understanding. This will enable them to perform better on my assignments and to keep moving forward towards that college degree. College can be an

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