Aspects of Islam that Conflict with the Common Beliefs and Ideals of the Secular Worldview

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Many aspects of the muslim religion conflict with the common beliefs and ideals of the secular worldview. Perhaps the most controversial difference is the muslim tradition of women covering the hair or in many cases the entire body. With the steady rise of feminism throughout much of the Western world throughout the past few decades, the gap between the muslim religion and the secular worldview has become more intense as the burqa/hijab is often seen as a sign of female oppression to many secularists. With many European countries, such as France and Belgium, now banning the wearing of these garments in public, it has become increasingly more difficult for women in both Islam and Western civilisations to establish themselves and gain independence as well as basic human rights, whilst still remaining faithful to their muslim religion.

The dress code of a large number of Muslim women centrally revolves around the burqa, which is a head-to-toe garment worn exclusively by women for the purpose of concealing their bodies and/or face. The burqa is viewed as a symbol of deep faith in the Muslim religion. The burqa is worn throughout most Muslim and Middle Eastern nations, with a few democratic or liberal governments being less strict about its use. Many Western nations argue that the burqa represents pure female oppression to a largely male dominated nation. It is the physical sign which states that for their own safety, women must be invisible to men in order to protect men

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