Assess Organizational Approaches For Job Design

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Assess Organizational Approaches to Job Design
The organization I work for is a Software company working on development of Healthcare products. The current job design is to assign work to a group of employees, hence a team approach wherein every individual is held jointly accountable for the outcome of the project (Mukherjee & Vasconcelos, 2011). We follow the agile methodology for developing clinical software for hospitals by using an empirical process control model called scrum to effectively manage and complete projects. An agile development team consists of a group of people who collaborate to create new software systems and modify existing software systems. Analysts, programmers, designers, database …show more content…

A scrum master makes sure that the team is functional and productive. A cross-functional team self-organizes to get the work done (Meier & Ivarsson, 2013). Ceremonies include sprint planning, daily scrum (aka daily standup), sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives (Meier & Ivarsson, 2013). During sprint planning, the team meets with the product owner to select a set of tasks to deliver during a sprint. In a daily scrum, the team meets every day to share any roadblocks and progress. At sprint reviews, the team demonstrates what has been completed during the sprint. Sprint retrospectives are held so the team looks for ways to improve the product and the process (Meier & Ivarsson, 2013). Artifacts are; product backlog, sprint backlog and burn down chart (Meier & Ivarsson, 2013). A product backlog shows the prioritized list of desired project outcomes/features. A sprint backlog includes a set from the product backlog that team agrees to complete in a sprint, broken into tasks. A burn down chart depicts the remaining work (Meier & Ivarsson, 2013). The agile methodology with scrum-based approach has worked effectively for our organization because it is flexible and iterative with continuous feedback and constant communication and favored by frequent and short delivery schedules (Chang, 2010). This approach brings about a high level of competence and high level of motivation to work. It also instills discipline and respect for time by

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