Assess The Experiences Of Women During The Process Of Child Birth

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ASSESS THE EXPERIENCES OF WOMEN DURING THE PROCESS OF CHILD BIRTH IN A SELECTED PRIVATE HOSPITAL, SALEM. R. Naganandini, Associate Professor and Dr.V.Selvanayaki, Principal , Vinayaka Mission’s Annapoorana College of Nursing, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India

ABSTRACT Descriptive with cross sectional approach was carried out to assess the experience of women during the process of child birth. A five point rating scale and open ended questionnaire was prepared and validity of the tool was tested. Percentage wise distribution of mothers experiences during the process of child birth shows that almost 57% of women had positive experience 36% of women had negative experience and 7% of women were undecided. Association of demographic variables shows that there is no significant association between the demographic variables of age, occupation, income and religion of women experience during the process of child birth. It also shows that only education has a significant association with the experience of women during the process of child birth.
“Childbirth is a life changing event that many women experience at least once…
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