Assessment Of The Establish Civil Security

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Beau S. Vomastic
O300 Brigade Operations Exam

Assessment of the Establish Civil Security (LOE) and the linkage to the overall end state: The overall depiction of the Establish Security LOE is both accurate and relevant to the end state of producing a safe and secure environment. However, the order of decisive points within the LOE is out of order and could develop complications of achieving the end state if not properly structured. Currently, the decisive points within the Establish Civil Security LOE focus emphasis on protecting the populace/infrastructure, disarming insurgents, clearing explosives, and recruit/train security forces to successfully achieve a safe and secure environment. In contrast, the reordering of the decisive points within the Establish Civil Security LOE will allow for a greater chance of success if executed accordingly. Therefore, it is imperative that the Establish Civil Security LOE should reestablish the decisive points as follows, thus ensuring both ease of transition as well as local security success.
(Recruit/Train Security Forces, Protect the Populace, Disarm Insurgents, Clear Explosives) If executed in this order the ease of achieving a safe and secure environment is much more feasible.
Changes and adjustments to the LOE with justification: I recommend front loading (recruit/train local security forces) in order to maximize police and military effectiveness prior to US

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