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As the principal of any school you have the increased responsibility for the compiling to the rules of the local school district as well as state and federal guideline. This becomes especially true as you undertake the challenge of serving as principal of the Elm Street Elementary School. The Elm Street Elementary School is a small suburban school located in Prairie Hills, USA. This school serves students in kindergarten to fifth grade.
As a result of the location of the school in a suburban community, the parents are very actively involved in the school. As a result of the active of the supportive parents in the community, the students arrived every day with a smile on their faces and generally prepared for learning. However, as with …show more content…

I also share that she is entitled to religious beliefs as long as she does not share them with the students (Whitehead, 2002). The reading of the Bible is acceptable in the public schools as long as the teacher does not promote a particular religion for the students in her class according to the First Amendment (Whitehead, 2002). The teacher can only discuss religion and the Bible if it relates to a subject matter that is outlined in the approved curriculum (Whitehead, 2002).
Teachers must be careful not to even share Bible readings with students as this is declared unconstitutional by state and district courts (Abington School District v. Schempp,1963). The sharing of Bible readings even without teacher comment may violate the students First and Fourteenth Amendment Rights (Essex,2012). Teachers must therefore follow the guidelines of the Lemon Test that stipulates the fact that teachers must only teach courses that are offered in the public schools using materials that they are designated to use in public schools and agree not to teach courses in religion (Lemon v. Kurtzman and Early v. Dicenso, 1971).
Students, however may read the bible during non-instructional times (Essex, 2012). In a Cypress Fairbanks Indiana School Case, a second grade student was reading the bible during


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