Assignment 13: Evaluating Your Sources

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September 30, 2017 ENTRY 13: Evaluating Your Sources Sources are an essential component in academic essays. Sources are important in research essays that are not based on personal experiences. Therefore, the writer will need to acknowledge the author of the research to avoid plagiarism. Additionally, sources enable one to get multiple perspectives on the topic, gain insights into the topic which gradually leads to the development of a thesis statement. As one continues to scrutinize the sources, they can integrate the ideas of different researchers and synthesize them in the research. Sources strengthen the level of ideas presented in the essay. There are various sources of information. Each varies in the type of information about the relevance to the topic, whether based on empirical research, whether other research authors can validate it, whether it is an opinion or fact and what biases are in the source. To be able to differentiate the student should check the category in which the information falls in and whether the information is what they are looking for. Facts are backed up with statistics that are from a credible source and can be verified by other authors. On the other hand, opinions may be held by few people but do not contain empirical research that has been completed and only remain as the thoughts of the …show more content…

Note taking can be written in notebooks or computer files, but I prefer using computer files. While reading, the student can see main points that are important to include in their work. Similarly, taking notes aids in making a summary of the source. Using separate files and noting the author makes it easy to synthesize and compare information from different authors. The notes will eventually be combined into one document with the student writing their own words. This enables the student to avoid plagiarism and includes their thoughts on the topic while

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