Assignment 2 The Gig Economy

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Latisha Love BUS 500 August 27, 2017 Dr. Brvenik Assignment 2: The Gig Economy To: Administration and Hiring Managers From: Uber Legal Department Date: 8/24/17 RE: Legal Liability for Drivers’ Conduct There have been several instances of driver misconduct that have resulted in the Uber being held liable. This communication is an attempt to provide clarity to drivers and affiliates as to how misconduct affects the whole team. The main principles of Uber will be discussed as well circumstances that can result in company liability. Lastly, policies implemented in order to minimize liability is discussed. Summary of Main principles Actual express authority, this principle provides that the principle (Uber) enters an explicit agreement with the agent (drivers) to take part in a given action such as giving orders for them to transport people from one point to the other. Actual implied authority provides that Uber enters into an explicit agreement to employ agents that are the drivers although the principle has not specifically authorized the particular action at issue, the agent can reasonably infer that the authority for that action has been delegated to him. The principle of apparent authority, implies that principal does not have an agreement with the agent but with the third party who is the customer or rider. If the principal, in this case, orders the agent not to take a given route due to the bad conditions of the road the agent will not go against the will

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