Assignment 3.2 Written Assignment

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Assignment 3.2 - Written Assignment
Name: Anvesh Juvva
Student ID: 21080159
Instructor: Mike Tighe

In today’s world more than 80% people uses internet in some way. The internet has become a major research network for all the business including the small and large size. They are using the internet to the maximum level in grabing the opportunities in the market and to become competitive and productive. The business owners get connected to the customers and have learnt a lot on connecting electronically. The continuous usage of internet and the customer’s connection takes their business to the next level.
How small businesses and entrepreneurs use the Internet?
1. Exchange of Products: There are many businesses which
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Information accessing
Eg: The internet usage for accessing the ecommerce websites is major business now days. Because the sites offer list of all the products available, then the customer can select it and pay for the product online and the product will be delivered shortly. So that the user can access the website any time anywhere when required.
Communication: In every organization communication plays a key role in success. In earlier days the mode of communication is letters and telephones where there used to be lot of delay in reaching the message. With evolution of internet the communication has become cheaper and most effective between the customers and business people. Also using the latest technologies like Skype, Webinars, Webex people can interact from anywhere in the world.
Information accessing: In earlier days accessing the information without internet is very tough but now using the internet the users can access the internet to retrieve any information available online so that they can use the opportunities available which helps them to keep ahead of the customers.
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