Assignment (Case Study of Nintendo)

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1. Was Nintendo just lucky, or does the Wii’s success have strategic merit? Nintendo's strategy was very clear and clever. It thought that it could not survive in the competition with Microsoft's Xbox and Sony's Play Station 3. So, Nintendo do not try to compete to the competitor rather than it tried to rebuild the gaming system. Without concerning the more advanced technology, it tried to do more using less investment. The gamers are of two types; teenagers and hardcore gamers. Company earns a lot from the core gamers and they spend a lot in this. As the hardware become more sophisticated and games are more realistic and whether this tech people are more likely pleased. So, Nintendo focuses on the fun playing games rather than the…show more content…
So, Nintendo have to replace the emerging technology of Wii to hold up the existing product demand. Next generation of video game consoles need time yet to come in the market. But the Nintendo has the less time for product modification and increasing the technological advancement of Wii. May be or maybe not, Nintendo can modify the existing product by redesigning with the help of technology or, may be Nintendo can think about a new product that can take over the place of Wii and fulfill the demand of Wii existed in the market. However in the meantime they need to ensure the Wii’s market share and continued profits. Nintendo should redesign their existing product Wii or Design a new one to take over the market; this decision should be made quickly by the administration of the Nintendo. But it is the high time to think about the product and competition seriously and make a quick decision, so that the research of product modification or creation of a new product can be started very soon enough. 5. Discuss the potential threats to Nintendo’s future success. What will help Nintendo avoid a premature decline for the Wii? Nintendo survives if the product Wii survives in the competition. And the Wii lacks technological touch which made it an emerging product. But the gamers want new technology and new entertaining materials, but the Wii lacks of these materials that can fascinate the games and consumers.

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