Assignment On Cultural Awareness

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Cultural Awareness Assignment

Thinking about which country and culture to choose for this assignment was a difficult process because there is a plethora to choose from! I decided to choose Spain as I lived there for a short period of time. Spain, is a country located in western Europe and is bordered by Portugal, France, and Gibraltar. It lies between the Mediterranean Sea to its east and the North Atlantic Ocean to its west. When trying to understand a culture from a foreign perspective, it is important to analyze the geography that makes up that country.
Spain’s geography is unique because it is located on the Iberian Peninsula with mountainous terrain throughout the landmass. The central portion of Spain mostly consists of high plateaus of land surround by rocky hills. Integrated into these plateaus are rural farm and cattle lands that create much of Spain’s agricultural industry. This industry comes through the harvesting of barley and wheat, however, the crops that produce the most value consist of citrus fruits such as oranges. The climate of Spain varies from region to region, but in a majority of the country during the summer months, it is arid and hot. Temperatures often climb into the triple digits, however there is relatively no humidity. During the winter, temperatures tend to hover around fifty degrees Fahrenheit. It is difficult to pinpoint regions of agriculture on a map of Spain, because the country is dotted with various mountain ranges. Examples of such

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