Assignment On Cutting The Federal Budget

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Cutting the Federal Budget The most challenging thing for a public administration is the budget. It is difficult because there are so many things that will affect it and in the end, it could leave to a worse society and a diminishing country. It is also tough because it cuts so many programs from funding that many constituencies depend on it and for some it can mean a life or death situation. In my assignment, I cut the budget to 46 Million dollars in surplus and 89.6% in budget sustainability. What I had to do was increase revenue and make cuts across the board from Social Security cuts, defense cuts, public and military budget cuts as well. I made quite a few changes to the budget to achieve my goal of balancing the pubic administrative…show more content…
It is the important think to continue the U.S. as a globalized nation. The cuts I made was to the highways, railroads and surface transportation a cut to 61.2 billion, Water and air transportation was cut to 31.8 billion, NASA and scientific research saw a cut to 30.6 billion and community and regional development was cut to 20.4 billion. Education was also cut from 102.6 billion to 101.5 billion in cuts to k-12 vocational Education, higher education, arts and other social service. Natural resource took a cut as well from 69.0 billion to 68.5 billion with cuts in National parks and resources to 34.2 billion and farm assistance and agricultural program from 22.9 billion to 22.7 billion. The final cuts were on international affairs the cut was from 52.4 billion to 51.8 billion in cuts to international development from 27.1 billion to 26.3 billion, embassies and other foreign took cut from 12.9 billion to 12.5 billion and foreign military aid got cuts from 12.4 billion to 12.0…show more content…
Balancing this budget by raising taxes and domestic cuts from transportation, security, and health care, but there are times where you must make tough decisions that will impact all constituencies in our society. These cuts show that at a younger age, I made cuts to everything except in the social security. I did not make these cuts because it is vital to senior citizens. I also realized that the elite class need to pay their share of taxes instead of going through loopholes. I also feel that at this early age I am still trying to be acceptable to budget cuts and increase in everyone so that all are equal and have a fair
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