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1. Why is it so important that unions focus their energy and resources on organizing the unorganized? 2. Describe and explain the major barriers to the increased unionization of women in “hard to organize” sectors and workplaces. 3. Do the experiences of organizing informal workers in India, or immigrant janitors in the United States, provide any lessons as to how unions can adopt new strategies that will increase women’s trade union participation? There are many reasons why unions should focus their energy and resources on organizing the unorganized. With the current statistics of the number of unionized workers it almost seems as though the organization of the unorganized is a life and death question for the labor movement. Bringing …show more content…

A few examples of what Burger King employees are faced with to make sure the store in which they are employed is up to standards include the following: When scheduling, short shifts are recommended so few breaks are required Employee meals are monitored and employees are only allowed to have a meal that costs at maximum $2.50 and a manager must inspect all choices and initial the meal selection listed by employees on their time cards The use of labour was calculated to an exact number and provided Burger King with the ability to know what workers were to be doing and how quickly they were to be doing it Customers eat in clean, open, decorated areas while employees at the store that the author worked at ate in a small room which a table took up most of the space and that was “decorated” with signs from management saying things such as the amount of condiments that were to go on each hamburger (i.e.: 1/3oz ketchup) Young employees were reminded that their job was their priority, even over family, and if their parents gave them a hard time about their shifts they were reminded that their parents didn’t work there Instructions from making fries to a Whopper were to be learned step by step by all employees. These instructions included everything right down to how many pickles were to go on the burger and where they were to be placed and how many fries were to be put in the bags

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