Assignment : Web Analysis For Medicare Premiums

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ASSIGNMENT - WEB ANALYSIS 1. The article which I think would be beneficial for the class is “A Sickening Increase in Medicare Premiums”. This article is regarding saving the money with regards to the medicare. It describes Part A and Part B medicare premiums. The articles guides retirees how to use their free medical healthcare program. 2. The site provides articles of varied nature on different topics ranging from family affairs to medicare and economy. It also provides insight of the US stock market and also provides information about the changing policies in the country. 3. The only thing which bothered me on the site is that it is too much information on a single page which at times confuse the reader. The tabs are not beautifully designed and the reader has to find out various tabs within the available tabs which is quite cumbersome at times. 4. It has the calculator to calculate the quote from the stock market. You have to enter the pre defined symbol and the entire quote is calculated by the calculator available on the web page. 5. Home and Mortgage, Career, College planning, Lifestyle and Budget, Health Care, Retirement, Taxes and Tools & Calculators are discussed in Personal Finance tab of the site. 6. Although the web site does not show its date of update therefore it cannot be ascertained with surety whether the articles are upto date and spreading the current information on the subject. But it is assumed

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