Assimilation, One with the Machine.

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Kamryn stared out over the scene of decay and neglect, silence ruled here and dusk was eternal. The once impressive city from centuries passed lay forgotten beneath the busy over world built atop it, sealing it away from memory to all but a few. Kamryn smiled, be it ever so humble, this place was home. Down here he made the rules and was king; from down here he led his groups fight for existence. Above them in the massive one world city Cybreds ruled. Once beings of flesh and blood, now genetically and mechanically altered; having long ago abandoning the mortal bonds of flesh, blood and bone and embracing augmentations and circuitry to create the superior evolution of life. No longer born, but built and programmed with their genetics manipulated and their dispositions and purposes programmed in with little distinction from adult and child. Linked to everyone and everything by one hive mind computer monitoring them all. Kamryn shivered and sighed flexing his fist feeling the muscles and sinew coil and flex beneath his skin his tail flicking restlessly. The thought of a life like that terrified him. He was one of the planets few remaining fully biological and organics. Considered vermin by those above, hunted and imprisoned as dangers to the purity of the society above. Forced into labor camps and slavery, treated as nothing more than a commodity. The few Ferals that remained free settled in small colonies deep beneath the city in the old world hiding away from Cybred

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