Assistive Technology Device Evaluation

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2Introduction Mr. Tim is a 52-years-old, Caucasian male, married, born in LaSalle, IL. He lives in an apartment since April 2013 with his wife and son. His family supports his efforts with everything. His present source of income is SSDI. He drove trucks for thirty years and is interested in becoming a dispatcher for trucking company. He is not going to school at present but would be interested in going to school to become a youth counselor. Medical/Psychological In February 2009 Mr. Tim was diagnosed with Cataract. His vision started getting worse because of high blood pressure and cataract surgery is needed but is not recommended due to his high blood pressure. Without this surgery his vision will continue to decline with complete loss of vision in three to four years. He considers himself as low vision and can see better at night. Mr. Tim has high blood pressure but he is not taking any medication because he does not have any health insurance. He is also developing Parkinson’s and might have limited use of his body in the near future. He informed the evaluator that he has shaking of hands which according to WebMD and National Parkinson Foundation is the first stage of Parkinson’s. There are five states of Parkinson’s and they progress over time. A patient with Parkinson’s become unable to move around independently and may need wheelchair as the disease progress. Skills and Limitations Mr. Tim is skilled in trucking because he drove for thirty years and he would

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