Aston Blair Case Essay

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1. At the end of the case, Bacon finds himself in a difficult situation due to the leaking of confidential company information. This major problem stemmed from the fact that Bacon withheld an important document from Meir and the rest of the task force team. Dr. Cornelius was informed of Bodin’s 6 summary statement report which suggests that the regional sales managers were consistently overstating their sales estimates in order to ensure adequate inventory and rapid delivery. Bodin shared his findings with Bacon and Reiss, in confidence, and they all agreed that none of the information would be presented in the August 4th presentation or to the task force team until Bodin had the opportunity to discuss everything with his boss; Vice …show more content…

2. Early 1991 – Price of gold declines and sales forecasts continue aggressive for Aston-Blair results in excessive inventories of overvalued gold, silver, and platinum.
June 12 – Wynn Aston III asks Peter Casey (vice-president of marketing) and Chris Trott (vice-president of corporate planning) to reexamine the company’s procedures for forecasting sales. Together they decide to create a taskforce and select Michael Bacon (special assistant to Chris Trott) to head the team investigating forecast problems.
July 23 – Meeting set up with Trott, Casey, and the market managers for August 4 to present progress and recommendations.
July 24 – Meeting between task force members is called. Everyone attended except Meir (who was gathering data in NYC). It was decided that more information needs to be gathered and prepared for Burns to review prior to presenting to market managers; August 4th deadline not likely to be met.
August 4 – Meeting begins well and takes a dive once Meir presents. Market manager’s questions validity of research. A break is called to cool off heated arguments and meeting is set to reconvene at 3pm. Confidential information is discovered that may implicate Emile Bodin’s knowledge of foul play within the company. Michael Bacon faced with several dilemmas needing immediate resolution.

3. Stemming from the first meeting when the team was assembled, there was a lack of communication and a lack of

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