Asylum to Syrian Refugees

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Providing asylum to Syrian refugees is a volatile situation Turkey has been dealing with in recent years. This politically controversial event has become even more poignant as the crisis in Syria intensifies, resulting in more and more Syrians flocking to the safety of Turkey's borders. This huge influx of refugees is putting stress on the infrastructure, economy, and government of Turkey, with cultural and ethnic tensions arising as well. The effects are becoming more apparent with each family that crosses the border, and Turkey is experiencing an undeniable crisis that they must take action to improve, and quickly. The first of the displaced Syrians arrived in Turkey in April 2011, and since that time the numbers have climbed to over 600,000 refugees1 as a result of the civil war that has turned more brutal and threatens millions of civilian lives. To provide the basic necessities for these émigrés Turkey set to work building multiple refugee camps in a variety of provinces close to the Syrian border. These camps currently hold over 200,000 refugees and most are filled or overflowing2. Yet the inundation of Syrians is never ending, with estimates predicting that by the end of 2013 over 1 million Syrians will be residing within Turkey’s borders. The Turkish government has already poured seven million dollars into sustaining these directionless and helpless people. But the problem arises when the truth of the matter becomes a reality; these Syrians have no place to go, and
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