At What Point In Your Life Did You Decide To Stray Away

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At what point in your life did you decide to stray away from popular beliefs, to form a sense of self-identity that describes who you are as an individual? Every individual is immersed into a great deal of culture and a deeply rooted environment that always has a great deal of effect on a person’s sense of identity. It may be difficult to have a definite definition of one’s identity, which can be described in a few sentences and is easily understood by others. A person’s self-identity is not only defined by their personal views and beliefs, but also by the culture they are exposed to since birth. Once a person comes to terms with reality about themselves, then they are able to struggle to become literate in social interactions and personal …show more content…

This was just the start for the emotion adversities I was about to face. In the middle of elementary school, I was starting to be embraced upon a culture of conformity and embarked on adversity trials that helped form my sense of literacy on social interactions and self-identity. The children started to bully me with hurtful words and emotional pressuring me into questioning my own self-identity. I was grown to see the best in others and be kind, yet as time passed I was left hurt without warning. Ever since I was first born, I have always been skinny and my height has only increased towards my approaching adult years. When the physical defense option when being bullied is utterly useless, you are left with a hard conundrum. Towards the last few days of elementary school, I was outside trying to play with the other children. I recently broke my arm in a scooter accident and wasn’t able to play very well, despite I was equally terrible with two fully functional arms. I remember trying so hard to fit in with the “cool” kids at the time, by attempting to play with them. Instead of simply saying I was not welcome, one of the boys through the football as hard as he could into my broke arm. The amount of pain I felt made me burst into tears, as I try to hide behind a tree to hide the shame of crying. As a child, you want to be accepted and feel wanted by others, yet I wasn’t staying true to myself. I was not a great athlete and those children did not like

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