Athens, The Polis And The High Classical Period

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Athens, the Polis and the High Classical Period, Athenians Acropolis.
The Acropolis (Athens, Greek) is a city on the hills with four magnificent buildings around. The city built 495-425 BC near the Athens, city of Athens. The meaning of the Acropolis is come from an Acro means highest point and the polis means city. Persians in 490 BCE and again in 480-479BCE destroyed the city in the early Classical period and Athens becomes the dominant political power in that time and a great see and trading power. The Acropolis is a proof of human and Greek ancient who they were created, these huge architectural buildings with a lot of work and creativity this city is a great example of architectural ancient Greek history.
The Circuit Walls is one of important things in the city that they built the walls in the Bronze Age (3200-100 B.C.) for people whose they were living the walls make form rocks and became a fortified citadel with a palace. The first wall built by Mycenaean in thirteenth century B.C. after that the was got damaged by Persians in 480 B.C and then after that was built a new wall with 2,500 foot circuit wall.
The Parthenon is a classical style of ancient Greek architecture and the most important building in the city and it self replaced on older temple of Athena, which called Pre-Parthenon. It was built and completed in 438 B.C buy Iktinos and Kallikrates, after that destroyed by Persian in 480 B.C. The Temple all made form marble and its 20 miles far from Athens. Later

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