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Key Events/Case Synopsis Despite being well-established, over the last three years, sales at Atherley Furniture Company have remained the same while profits have declined by almost 24%. Their chair division produces three different types of chairs, the Atherley, the Caledonia and the Parkdale. Each model has its own production plan and production costs. The increasing production costs, alongside the intense competition the company faces, have become a great cause of concern for John Atherley. Problem Statement Is Atherley Furniture Company able to continue to operate their chair division while reducing the debt and increasing the profits of the company? Objective of Key Player With the use of the company’s income statements for the…show more content…
The company is weakened mainly by its lack of technological advancement in every area of production. For example, if the company chose to modify their equipment to produce their “Atherley” model as well, it would be able to lower production costs of this model, in turn increasing the profits of this model further. In addition, the Atherley Furniture Company greatest threat is the decreased market for their “Parkdale” model. The “Parkdale” model has the most time consuming and costly production. With lack of a market for this model, the company stands to continue to lose profits. In conclusion, if the company wishes to continue to operate their chair division profitably as well as efficiently, the above issues need to be addressed and corrected. PEST Analysis Political | Environmental | * Trade agreements between

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