Atlantic City Licenses Brand New Online Casino

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Article 21 – Atlantic City licenses brand new online casino

It is considered to the devil’s playground when it comes to online casino licensing, but new ground seems to have been made as another online casino has been approved to operate in Atlantic City. The Resorts Digital brand, which own the popular Resorts Casino Hotel, have been looking for sometime to open up an online arm to their business and it seems that they have finally been approved for digital operations moving forward.

When it comes to online table gaming Resorts Digital may already be a name you’re aware of. While they may have to been late to the dance as it were when it comes to online table gaming, sites like and have been able to
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Up until now many feel that the rules had been shockingly restrictive, forcing operators to bend until a point where running an online casino simply isn’t viable from a financial perspective. The decision to approve Resorts Digital could be seen as a change of vision. Speaking on the matter Digital Resorts CFO Tim Ebling said, “When we made our pitch to the commissioners we made it very clear that our number one goal as a brand was to get our online casino arm up and operational”. He also said, “What we feel we presented to the commission was a strongly organised business structure, something that has true grounds for long-term success. From now on our members will be able to see that Resorts Digital offers the true complete package”.

Digital Resort’s CEO and President Mark Giannantonio also spoke on the matter, admitting prior failings. He said, “Frankly, when it came online casino gaming in the past, we have been fairly slow to get going, with commission related issues being fairly problematic”. However, given the recent developments, he feels that Digital Resorts will be the “first operational online digital gaming lounge”. From what has been said, Digital Resorts’ has its eyes set on being number one spot when it comes to online casino gaming in Atlantic City. For more information on the upcoming Digital Resorts online gaming rollout, stay tuned to the news section of your favourite online casino portal.

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