Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima And Nagasaki

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There are many different ways in which WWII could have ended. Rather than taking the risk of dropping atomic bombs on Japan, many people believe that one of the alternative options would have been much more sensible. The variety of possible options the U.S. could have taken to finish the war have been analyzed for years. Though Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki is one of the most controversial and debated topics in history, this researcher believes that he made the right choice. This researcher’s opinion is based off of the facts she has understood to be true in history class. To back up this claim, support for the argument will be provided through intensive research. Scholarly journal articles,…show more content…
Though it is obvious that this researcher believes President Truman took the proper action necessary to end World War II, many people conclude that other options should have been considered.With this ethical debate that has been discussed over decades, comes a variety of possible alternatives to America unleashing nuclear warfare on Japan. Of these include, waiting for the Soviet Union to enter the war, invading Japan, and strengthening and intensifying the naval blockade. According to www., military analysts working for the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) in 1945 believed that two things must happen for the Japanese leadership to surrender. “There had to be acceptance of the inevitability of defeat; and a clarification from the Americans that "unconditional surrender" did not mean national annihilation”(Barnes). Supporters of this decision recognize that a Soviet declaration of war on Japan would satisfy the first necessity. By waiting for Russia to enter the war, thousands of innocent lives could have been saved, because the fear of complete annihilation would have caused Japan to surrender before the U.S. could drops the bombs. Invading Japan could have possibly resulted in less overall casualties than those from the nuclear weapons, so it is understandable why some
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