Attachment And Its Impact On Children

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Abstract The fascination about attachment and its impact on children has been prominent in our society for many years. The general notion is that a secure environment provides children with a foundation for establishing healthy relationships in the future. However, the exact environmental factors that nurture insecure attachments remain questionable. Further, the exact genetic variables that may play a role in shaping attachment is also still relatively unknown. Current research suggests that there is a bidirectional relationship between the environment and genetics. While researchers still do not know which component has the dominant role or if an egalitarian role exists, this paper presents current research on the environmental and genetic factors that appear to increase children’s risk for developing insecure attachments. This paper provides valuable insight on what behaviors caregivers should engage in with their infants as well as other environmental factors that can indirectly affect the attachment building process and possible genetic factors as well. It is hoped that this paper will encourage future research to become more informed on what predispose individuals to insecure attachment so that their environmental experiences can be enhanced as need be despite any possible genetic disadvantages they may have. Since John Bowlby has theorized about the importance of secure attachment on infant’s future relationships and well-being, the various research on attachment

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