Attending a Jazz Concert Essay

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Attending a Jazz Concert

The latest concert that I attended was the NEIU Jazz Ensemble. It was held in the NEIU auditorium. This was my first time attending a Jazz concert. Therefore, I didn’t know what kind of music to expect or any music that I was familiar to. This concert was a new experience for me. It was far different from a rock concert held in some big venue. The purpose of this concert was to give people a taste of the NEIU
Jazz Ensemble. The heritage or the background of this concert was strictly
Jazz music.

I was excited about my attendance at this concert. It would be the first time I was going to a Jazz concert. I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed or get board there. The music they played was …show more content…

The composer was facing the performers during a song. After a song was over the composer turned around to the audience and bowed.

The concert lasted about one hour. It started at 7:30 p.m. and went on till about 8:35 p.m. There were seven songs that were performed. Every song was around ten minutes long. Some were a little shorter about five to six minutes in length and a couple songs were a little over ten minutes. The concert seemed to be well organized time wise and convenient wise. The concert was free admission and general seating. This was there only concert at NEIU for the fall semester.

The music performed was done in a formal fashion. The performers seem to take pride in what they were doing and also what they were representing. Each performer were introduced individually by the composer.
The composer also told the audience about their background and what the performers were majoring in. All but one of the performers were getting certified to teach music. Most of the performers were wearing a shirt and tie outfit. Some of them were wearing a full suit. None of the performers were in jeans from what I observed. The composer was wearing a Tuxedo. The Jazz Ensemble had a very mature gesture. They were all seated in a good position. Nobody seemed to be slouching down. The composer seemed to be very energetic. They took great care of their belongings. The

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