Attention Getter For Informative Speech On Hacking

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A. (Attention Getter) (Extended Example) A woman cruises the internet doing a little online shopping. She visits her bank account online to review her balance and then logs off. Little does she know, her son Johnny had recently and unknowingly downloaded a funny program that showed dancing bears on his computer screen. What wasn’t so funny was that a hacker had attached a small file onto that funny program which, when downloaded, could spy on
Johnny’s computer. A few weeks later the woman received a bank statement showing hundreds of dollars worth of online purchases. She has just become a victim of computer fraud (Regan, 1999).
B. (Reason to Listen/Topic) This is not by any means a new phenomenon, it has just become easier for hackers to find targets as people …show more content…

1. First I will explain some of the tools hackers use.
2. Second, I will show you all how a hacker gets into a victim’s computer.
Lynch materials, 2014
3. And third, I will unveil what a hacker could do once inside your computer.
II. Body
A. First let me describe to you the tools a hacker has available to infiltrate your computer.
1. One of the most popular and powerful of the hacker tools is surprisingly easy to obtain.
The program is called “Back Orifice.”
a. This program gives the hacker the ability to virtually hijack your computer and do anything with it that you would be able to do.
b. Not only can the hacker get to all your files, the hacker can see every keystroke you type in (Warren, 1999).
2. (Expert Testimony) A Microsoft security expert said, “Back Orifice’s worst attribute is that it attacks the users not the technology” (as cited in McKay, 1999, p. 56).
3. Still other programs trick users into entering passwords to exit an application, such as internet email (Wells, 1999).
Transition: Well, we have seen the tools a hacker has at his/her disposal, now let’s see how they get into your computer.
B. Hackers may use a tactic called social engineering to enter your computer, in other

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