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In the McWhorter School of Building Science in the College of Architecture, students have had a 100% employment rate in the two previous semesters (Nobles). This statistic alone shows one perk Auburn University has over many other colleges. Auburn University is the best college because it has the best job opportunities, the best major, and the best traditions.
The job opportunities Auburn University presents is unlike any other school in the coun-try. The CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, is an Auburn graduate and just did a short segment about what it was like to be at Auburn. In the segment, he talked about how well- known of a school Auburn is not only in the United States, but all around the country. Auburn is well-known for their studying …show more content…

Auburn University has many traditions that go way back. The history behind these tradi-tions is what makes Auburn such a great atmosphere. Most of the traditions do involve football, but some have their own meaning and were started randomly a long time ago. Before every home football game, an eagle flies from the middle of the field, all the way around the football stadium, and back to the middle of the field. This is known as Eagle Flight and is meant to be a signal to all of the fans that the football game is within minutes of starting. This tradition has been around for almost 100 years. The most famous eagle was Tiger, who was the 6th eagle to fly around the stadium. Tiger flew from 1986-2006, and in her last game there was a moment of si-lence for her. Now an eagle named Spirit flies around before games and is very popular among fans because of her bright white head and tail feathers, which is different than most bald eagles. Another tradition is the wrapping of Toomer’s Corner with toilet paper, called Rolling Toomer’s. This is the most famous tradition in all of college football. After every game that Auburn football wins, students meet up at the intersection of Magnolia Avenue and College Street. This became popular in 1972 after Auburn beat Alabama in a close, 17-16, game. The reason toilet paper is used is because an Auburn running back said before the big Alabama game “we’re gonna beat the No. 2 out of

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