Audi King Trailers

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One day not too long ago, Audi King was on a business trip in northern Wisconsin. Audi is a curious and adventurous man full of vigor for the unexpected. While in Wisconsin he made a stop at a local farm to sell the farmer his company’s product, Agra King, a silage preservative. While driving to the farm he noticed several old tractor trailers that looked abandoned, scattered across a vast field.
Before leaving the farm, he asked the farmer what the trailers were used for. The farmer told him that the trailers belonged to a hippy who made fireworks. They were scattered across the field because if one caught fire they wouldn’t all blow up. Audi thought that it would be nice to have some fireworks, since fireworks of this size were illegal
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After a few seconds the first fuse lit. Just before the package lit he glanced up at the work bench and saw the mass chaos that was unfolding before him. Without thinking Audi dropped the grinder and quickly ducked behind his lawn tractor. That was when it happened. Like a bomb, a nuke, a grenade the exposition rocked the entire garage, causing the grinder, once laying on the workbench, to catapult through the air towards the door, and towards Audi. He caught the airborne tool with such force it threw him to the ground. Just when he thought that was it, the second package went off, filling the garage with a loud rumbling, and a light brighter than the sun. This explosion blew out the windows. This chain of events continued with a third and final explosion Causing his ear drums to pop, and his lungs to fill with the aroma of freshly lit gunpowder, Audi was left gasping for air. After this series of events took place he stood up, scratched his head, and started laughing. At that moment his wife Judy came bursting through the door, looking like she had just seen a ghost. Audi quickly told her that he was alright and that he wouldn’t be buying anymore fireworks. He quickly cleaned up the mess that his mistake had created. Then he finished his job of sharpening the blades and mowing the yard. Life for Audi has been ordinary ever
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