Audience to This Act: Hamlet

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The story of Hamlet is very well known: Hamlet’s father is killed, Hamlet’s mother marries the evil Uncle, everyone thinks Hamlet has gone mad, and almost everyone dies at the end of the play. The play also includes the classic ill -fated love story, which in this case involves Hamlet and Ophelia. In David Tennant’s version of Hamlet, Hamlet and Ophelia have many similar character flaws. These character flaws manifest themselves in several different ways, which ultimately leads to the downfall of these characters. The similar physical antics displayed by Hamlet and Ophelia throughout the play portray these characters as childlike and emotionally unstable. The antics displayed by Hamlet give us a better view of his true character, which is…show more content…
He becomes very irrational, and no longer wears shoes, his shirt is unbuttoned, his hair is a mess, and at times he is even wearing a t-shirt and jeans. These changes in dress provide insight into the state of his mind, which is becoming progressively more disturbed as the play progresses. When Ophelia is introduced, she is also nicely dressed, with her hair coiffed, her shirt has no wrinkles in it, and she appears to be completely composed (Act 1, scene iii). During the course of the play, Ophelia’s physical appearance also changes. This was most evident when she sang about her father’s death and how much she missed him (Act 4, scene v), when during the song, she starts undressing herself in front of Claudius and Gertrude. Based off of this change seen in Ophelia’s appearance, it is obvious that her father’s death has negatively impacted the state of her mind. Another similarity between Hamlet and Ophelia is that the deaths of their fathers played a significant role in their descents into madness, but it manifested itself in different ways. In the case of Hamlet, he discovers that his father was murdered by his uncle, causing him to become obsessed with destroying his uncle. Hamlet has shown that there is some method to his madness, because he becomes focused on avenging his father’s death. After the wedding
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