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Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the recommendations in the above captioned preliminary audit report. We agreed with some of your recommendations, and have begun to make the necessary improvements to our existing course of actions in establishing control procedures to ensure that elevator inspections and tests are performed on schedule. As your report indicated, the objective of the State of New York, Office of the State Comptroller’s audit is Elevator Safety. The Department of Buildings oversees the safe operation and inspection of approximately 71,000 elevators and related devices throughout the City of New York. We view your input as assistance in advancing our commitment to providing quality public service while …show more content…

DOB should analyze its data reports on a regular basis to determine which elevators have no record of inspection. DOB’s Response: The Department partially agrees with this recommendation. Improving the Department’s elevator inspection and follow-up activities is vital to public safety, and we continue to seek ways to improve our inspection program, as noted in the following: • In January 2013, the Department established the Elevator Clustering Program, which enables DOB staff to generate routes on a consistent basis, and in clusters throughout the City. Each cluster receives a periodic inspection the same month each calendar year. • DOB NOW: Safety Elevator was introduced in November 2015, and when fully implemented, will allow more reliable, accurate information that can identify elevators with no inspection records or uninspected devices. • Additionally, DOB will issue a failure to comply violations within 90 days of not having access to a device, which hopefully will encourage compliance. Recommendation 2: DOB should identify and maintain an ongoing log of “No Access” inspection attempts by the contracted inspectors as they occur; monitor these elevators, addressing their disposition promptly; require that a DOB inspector be dispatched to conduct a survey inspection; and if neither a contracted or a DOB inspector gains access to the property, stronger procedures should be implemented to achieve compliance. DOB’s Response: The Department does

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