August Wilson Character Analysis

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In Fences, by August Wilson, the growth and development of many characters are portrayed during the play as they are hit with hard times. With an initial introduction, each character is given a glimpse of their personality, their beliefs, and their actions as well as their reasoning behind them. In the beginning of the play, we are introduced to Troy, Cory, Rose, Bono, Lyons, Gabriel, and then in the end Raynell. Throughout the play deceit, deception, and transgression transpires, and as a result, the progress of each character's inner-change is depicted, yet, it was one character who remained stagnant from beginning to end, in his thinking and beliefs, and it reflected through his actions; that was Troy Maxson. In the beginning of the play, Troy is portrayed as crude, bitter, and stern. His past experiences, such as being incarcerated and running away from home at such an early age, shaped his mindset and his relationship with his sons and his wife, Rose. Not wanting his son Cory to make the same mistakes as he did, chasing a sports career, Troy is harsh to Cory. Troy's belief in the importance of providing for his family outweighed the common belief of expressing love and compassion toward his son. Although Cory longed for that love from his father, Troy believed as a father he was approaching his responsibility of providing for Cory and Rose accordingly and that was his …show more content…

Troy Maxson was a static character, over the course of the play his mindset never transformed, nor his attitude. He only saw his son and his wife as his responsibility and nothing more, he believed that the white man cheated him out of becoming a professional baseball player, even though the real reason was because he was too old, and he believed that life was against him. Despite his cynical and resentful attitude towards life, Troy Maxson is an iconic static

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