Augustine's Views On Suffering

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1. Augustine asks and answers the question of how much we are to love suffering. He answers that we are to sometimes love the suffering because it is in God’s plan and we are to rejoice in God’s will. I agree with Augustine in this point. We should have a decent amount of love for suffering and trust that it is in God’s plan and will for our lives. WE shouldn’t as Augustine implies, be happy for others sufferings, even with the idea in mind that it will turn out for their good, rather comfort them by reminding them that God has a plan for them, their lives and this situation.
2. With our knowledge and understanding through God and the Bible, we can look deeper into the wisdom of outside texts and apply it to a more in depth understanding with biblical perspective. It can be used to help ourselves understand things, as well as help others who have little to no knowledge of the Bible to understand …show more content…

I think our society today rather glorifies suffering. Movies display an uncanny amount of suffering and death in them, and video games make it a goal for those playing to inflict the greatest amount of pain and suffering on the other players. Our society really desensitizes the idea of suffering and death. Children are so accustomed to it now days that it is no wonder so many shootings and murders happen. It is becoming more difficult for young people to truly differentiate between to video games he just “won” by killing the most people, and shooting a man because he feels he was wronged.
4. I think Augustine would be appalled to the amount at which people consider laziness “okay.” Laziness is one of the 7 most deadly sins, yet we as humans, especially in America, have no problem laughing and saying, “Oh I’m just being lazy today.” It is still embarrassing and feels wrong to say, “I am so proud,” but we admit to being lazy all the time almost as a joke. I’m always expressing how lazy I am, knowing that I shouldn’t be, but still not wanting to do anything

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