Augustus- Absolute Power By Any Means Necessary

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Immense power was his to seize. However, the power came at a cost. At the forefront of his attention, Julius' killers were still loose, sewing seeds of violent oppression to this authority. Combined with this constant fear of revolt, the propaganda of Marc Antony and others further challenged his right to rule. Therefore, for Augustus to command the absolute power bestowed upon him, he must eliminate any threats by any means necessary. This took the form of massacre. The justification for Augusts' campaign against any threat came from propaganda spread against him and its potential to undermine his rule. One of the primary methods of belittlement came in the form of slander against his family name. No individual utilized this tactic more cunningly than Marc Antony. The first rumors targeted the social position of his ancestors. Antony claimed Augustus' paternal great-grandfather was only a freeman and his grandfather "a money-changer." On the maternal side, Antony publically spread Augusts' maternal great-grandfather was a baker from Africa. Even though Suetonius dismisses the Antony's rumor of money changing, many Romans followed Antony's strategy of humiliation (including Cassius Parmensis). By undermining his family ties, Antony could unsettle the legitimacy behind his rule. Since social position determined the cursus honorum, a successful tarnish could…
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