Julius Caesar´s Death: Analysis Essay

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Should Julius Caesar have been killed? This question has plagued history for years without a real answer. Julius Caesar was corrupt and all powerful, and his death saved Rome. It really is that simple; he declared himself dictator for life and ignored the Senate’s power. A man with that much power can only hurt a nation.
Julius Caesar was a blood thirsty man. He fought everyone he could just to extend Rome. ("Julius Caesar." ) He savagely killed anyone that got in his way. Many may say that he was a legendary and should be remembered as a great warrior, but should murderers be praised? Genghis Khan was a great warrior, he created the largest empire in history. Is he remembered well? No, because he was brutal and merciless. Caesar was also
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Caesar’s assassins had no reason to believe he was different.
Another, of many reasons that Caesar’s assassination was a necessary tragedy is he ignored the warnings and signs. In the world today most don’t believe signs exist, but in Caesar’s time it was crazy to ignore them. In the Roman Republic it was believed that signs were set by the gods to warn people and no one would ignore the gods. The priests preformed a ceremony and got bad results, which led them to believe that Julius Caesar was in danger. Caesar still refused to miss the Senate that day, even as his friends begged that he postpone the meeting. ( "The Assassination of Julius Caesar, 44 BC." ) These days to many people this is all worthless and fake, but whether signs from gods are real or not is not the question. The question is what kind of many ignores not only the traditions of his people, but his own gods? A man who would rather be where he is in power, then heed the warnings of what he believed to be his gods is not a man the Senate believed Rome needed.
All this comes down the last point that will be made in this essay, Julius Caesar’s assassins believed that what they were doing was what was best for the Roman Republic and its citizens. Caesar showed all the signs of becoming a corrupt king-like ruler. With the past experiences of Rome the men that killed Caesar just wanted to help the people they swore
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