Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin: The Impacts And Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

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At the beginning of the nineteenth century during the Victorian era, London was the largest city in Europe. During this period and mainly due to the effects of the Industrial Revolution, a great many innovations and developments were taking place in all areas of society. The industrial revolution changed families and lifestyles and also made a huge impact on the conditions living there as well. The classes were divided during this era to poor working-class, middle-class and most well-off Victorians. Industrialization drew a large numbers workers away from their homes and into large cities which caused the population to be increased at an unprecedented rate, crowding them into miserable housing, which spurred a high demand for cheap housing and slums. The workers were subject to the dangerous, hard jobs and low pay. Industrialization brought about a number of changes in society, economic and art. The huge impact was on the society whereas no longer had an appropriate moral, ethical and spiritual. Critics and intellectuals such as Augustus Welby …show more content…

Pugin was a Roman Catholic working in a society dominated by Protestants. He was passionate about the medieval world. Pugin designed churches in England, Australia and Ireland. Pugin believed that during the Medieval period which known specifically as the Gothic period, served as the best combination of "art, religion, and society whereas the society in medieval times had been more structured and was governed by religious beliefs and morals in contrary of industrial period. He believed that the integrity of art in the industrial period was being compromised because the gothic design was no longer being used, and by restoring the moral values that were present in medieval times will solve the problems of the present industrial

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