Austin, Texas : The Capital Of Texas

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Austin, Texas, otherwise known as the capital of Texas in the United States, is an urbanized city with many individual characteristics of its own. Austin is known for its night life, wide-range diversity, and the University of Texas at Austin. The population has continued to grow as the city continues to urbanize. According to the United States Census Bureau from 2010 to 2013 alone, Austin’s population has increased by 12%, which is the highest out of the top 25 largest cities in America (Weissmann). Austin also had one of highest percentages of land area change at 64.4% (“United States”). The city has faced dramatic growth at a rapid pace compared to many other urban cities. The estimated population of Austin in 2014 is 912,791 people out of the total 26,956,958 people in the state (“QuickFacts”). The urbanization of Austin brings with it many public issues and unintentional problems from healthy and safety of it citizens to allocating resources and information for immigrants. One of the larger problems Austin has faced recently and continues to face is illegal immigrants and their inability to find employment without green cards or documentation. Local government, city council, Commission on Immigrant Affairs, and various other actors have tried to correct or improve the immigration issues that Austin faces. Causes of illegal immigration cannot be pinpointed to one direct cause. It is entirely made of many indirect causes that lead to this significant problem. According

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