Austin Tyler Causby Essay On Heroes

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Heroes are a big part of our society, as it comes to no surprise people have heroes who are normally older than themselves moreover at a higher maturity level than the person, however, in this case, it is exactly opposite. Austin Tyler Causby’s hero’s though not a typical hero would most definitely made a hefty contribution to his life. In the year 2009 Austin received news from his mother, consequently he was devastated, his mother was pregnant. This made Austin’s world collapse on him, he was an only child for almost ten years and now there was going to be another one around to take his place. Once little Payton Bradley was born Austin became increasingly upset with the attention being taken off of him. He became so jealous that at one point he tried to sit on him to …show more content…

Payton was very patient with me during this time, he listened and did as I told him. He was completely innocent, and that made the process a little easier as Payton didn’t know exactly what was going on. During this time Austin had matured quickly and learned a vast amount of skills, including new life outlooks, and he started to understand ways to cope with death. Austin now packed with these experiences gained a new sense of life, and without Payton, his little hero, he wouldn’t be the person he is today. In conclusion Payton a child 10 years younger than Austin gave him hope and allowed him to become a better person, showing him how to be compassionate to someone who has lost a family member. Payton had managed to stay strong and started to understand something that was beyond him. Within his innocence he always had a reason to smile or laugh, finding fun in the little things like imagination. This gave Austin an abundance of laughs and a reason to smile when he couldn’t smile any

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