Australia 's Balance Of Payments

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Account for recent trends in Australia’s Balance of Payments. The Australian economy marks external stability as an important objective because it can influence other important aims such as economic growth, unemployment and inflation. External stability is the concept of sustaining a nation’s external accounts so that in the future, it is able to service its foreign liabilities and can avoid currency volatility. When looking at external stability, we must examine Australia’s balance of payments, which records all economic transactions between Australia and the rest of the world. Australia’s balance of payments has two components, which is the current account and the capital and financial account. The current account measures the receipts and payments for trade in goods and services, transfer payments and income flows, while the capital and financial account shows international borrowing, lending, purchasing and sales of assets. Balance of Payments Table:- more trends First we must look and account for the causes for the recent trends in balance of payments. This is very important as it reflects key features of the structure of the economy and highlights the imbalances in the relationship between Australia and the economy. In particular, we must inspect the current account deficit (CAD), which is when the debits are greater than the credits recorded as a percentage of GDP and is an accurate indicator of the economy’s current position. The table below shows the recent

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