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By endorsing this policy and disapproving the production of weapons of mass destruction, Australia can initiate the progress to removing these potential threats to secure Australia nationally and the Asia Pacific region as well (Hawkins & Kimber 2016). Thus, Australia’s key national interests include regional and global security to maintain and strengthen the peaceful relationships internationally.

The second key national interest of Australia is the economy. Australia’s capital, jobs, standards of living, technological innovations and social advances rely substantially on exports and commodity values within Southeast Asia and the Pacific (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2016a). The stability of South East Asia and the Oceania …show more content…

The development in the progress of China, India and Indonesia benefits Australia and contributes significantly to regional stability which extends opportunities for a successful and reciprocating business partnership instead of being aid dependent. Australia’s economical national interest is directly linked to the success, stability and peaceful interactions of its neighbours because these countries are also the first line of defence against many negative issues which could affect Australia (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2016c). If these states remain to be wealthy and stable, they will respond better to efficiently to threats and complications in trade. In order to benefit from the trading relationships with the neighbouring countries, Australia needs to take advantage of the international economic opportunities and ensure we are focused on advancing in global economic, financial, investment and trade institutions. A globally integrated economy is crucial due to the growth which can be gained from an open trading system and foreign direct investment which secures our position in the economically advancing countries of the world and our own financial welfare (Wong 2017).

In our economical national interest, Australia allocates a sector to contribute significantly by providing aid and financial support to promote the stability of a variety of countries within the Indo-Pacific. Within 2016 to 2017, 90% of Australia’s aid will directly go to the

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