Australian Debt Market : Speech

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S P Jain School of Global Management
Australian Debt Market

Submitted within the study program Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
By Team Zion: Huzaan Bharucha, Neetish Bijaynanda, Shivani Sawarkar, Vikash Kumar, and Vishal Mudda

For the module Financial Markets
Expert Ruhina Karim
Submission date 17 November 2014

Speaker 1:
Good afternoon, one and all. Before we begin, I would like to thank the National Press Club for inviting me here today.
I 'm happy to announce that according to our recent data, inflation is within the target range of 2-3 per cent and is expected to remain so for the upcoming two year. Furthermore, the Board has come to a decision to leave the cash rate remain unchanged at 2.5 per cent. (Reserve Bank of Australia, 2014)
The CGS market as of today has a face value worth $343 billion with treasury bonds, treasury indexed bonds and treasury notes making up 91%, 7.3% and 2.1% of the total respectively (AOFM, 2014).
The last decade has seen the task of issuing debt in order to maintain market liquidity to one of funding a sharp increase in Budget deficits and facilitating a rapid growth in our issuance program. Given the narrow window in which this transition had to be undertaken, we…
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