Australian History And The Canadian Government

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In our society, people with different cultures, backgrounds, and religions were considered unequal. One of the many people that were treated unequally in Canadian History were the Aboriginals. Before the war began, Aboriginals were not treated fairly by the Canadian government. Aboriginals struggled to get a permanent job therefore clearly displaying Aboriginals struggling to get the resources they need in order to survive. Canada’s leader ignored this situation and continued to discriminate Aboriginals (Marshall 2). Several times, Aboriginals were being used by their own country to do their dirty jobs. The Canadian government did not want to risk “true Canadian” lives, so they used the Aboriginals. By the 1990’s, one would think that the government would come to their senses and realize that the Aboriginals are just like any other human being. However, this was not the case because the Canadian Government tried stealing and taking Aboriginal belongings for their own needs later on. Ultimately, the Aboriginal people were mainly treated unequally by the Government in the Great War, The Manhattan Project, and the Oka Crisis. Aboriginal citizens in the Great War were more than willing to enlist and volunteer however, they were not permitted to do so by the Canadian Government (Armstrong et al.1). Aboriginals hoped that one day, their voices would be heard and that they would get the rights that they deserve. Furthermore, in 1915, the Aboriginals thought the Canadian

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