Australian Outback Steakhouse Research

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Have you ever had an original Australian outback meal? No! Well, I have not either, though outback steakhouse is supposed to be food and themed for the Australian outback, I would call it an original American steakhouse. I have always loved Outback steakhouse, but I do believe it's a mockery to Australia, especially given not one of the founders had ever been to Australia when they opened the cheesy restaurant. In fact, they didn't want true Australian culture or cuisine to ruin their idea of an American style, with an Australian splash steakhouse. Though not an Australian meal, I go there for the Seared Blackened Peppered Ahi Tuna appetizer in Ginger sauce, as well as the Famous Bloomin' onion. Now you don't just go to a steakhouse for the appetizers, I believe it's …show more content…

In this particular Outback Steakhouse, the lighting is like fire lighting, warm, not to bright and orange in color. The restaurant is not loud, except on the weekends, I would say it's more like a bar and grill than a restaurant on the weekends, so you need to know what days to go for what mood you're in. During the week its quite, fast service, and though the lighting is dark, you can tell the place is clean, I have never had an issue with dirty silverware or table. I think of Outback Steakhouse as a good mid-level business meeting spot, or going out with the office after work. The menu is cheap enough that any teenage boy with 60$ in his pocket that wants to impress a girl can definitely do so here. A big bonus to Outback Steakhouse is you can order take out, you just call up, order, pick up, and go home and enjoy your deep fried onion and juicy tender steak. So maybe it's not an Australian style cuisine and barely even Australian themed, but you will walk out satisfied after eating at least 1000 delicious calories of deep fried and protein filled red

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